Food Safety By Using Boric Acid In Grain

Boric acid is also known as borax when used commercially. The excessive use of boric acid may results into serious health problems like diarrhea, vomiting eye irritation etc. So, you should intake acid in limited quantity only as suggested by expert team. The scientists are continuously making research on safety of boric acid and its consumption.

Food Safety By Using Boric Acid

Common man cannot be sure on usage of right quantity of boric acid so it is always better to discuss with boric acid suppliers before you actually add it into your food items. The acid is toxic in nature so you cannot be sure that food items are chemical free when cooked. Due to its side effects, boric acid is not used in many countries like Australia, china and Canada.

Boric acid as food additive

Since a long time, boric acid is used as food additive in various food items. The acid is effective to fight against yeast infections and other skin problems effectively. It has antibacterial properties that can be used to preserve food items inside store. It may also be added to increase crispiness of food and to prevent it against darkening.

After continuous research and efforts, food committee concluded that boric acid is safe to use as food additive. Today, it is added in rice to prevent worm growth and other similar food items. However, food items should be washed properly before they are cooked or taken in raw form. According to health experts, boric acid should not be added in fruits that are taken raw.

Consumers are strongly recommended to obtain food supplies from reliable sources only. You should try to maintain balanced diet rich in all health nutrients. Add boric powder in grain in small quantity only or you may take advice from boric acid manufacturers as well.

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