All About 3 Core Flat Cables – Guide From Experts

A cable consists of two or more electrical wires that form a single end which facilitates the supply of electricity from switch board to devices or machineries. The best type of cable available in market which is known for its durability is a 3 core flat cable. These cables have three inner core wires and outer is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).


These wires are manufactured by some of the biggest names in this industry due to its huge requirements in the field of agriculture, irrigation and construction. Major manufacturers have different Indian standard certificates for manufacturing it making it safe to use.

Manufacturing Process

The 3 core flat cables are manufactured by copper wires which are one of the best conductors of electricity. To provide flexibility and durability, they are covered up with PVC. These kinds of cables are strongly built specially to meet the tough requirements it needs to meet. These cables are not easy to cut making them an ideal choice for tough weather and physical conditions.


  • These 3 core flat cables are mainly used in submersible pump motors. As submersible process requires taking out the water from ground, it needs high voltage machineries. The 3 core flat cable is the perfect solution for this as it not only provides best transmission of electricity to the machine but it also prevents damage to machinery due to high voltage.
  • Other exceptional feature is that the outer covering of PVC makes it shock proof. This feature is extremely important because the machineries and workers involved in submersible process are wet while working.
  • These cables are also used in fields for irrigation process where water pumps are installed. The fields are filled with moisture and wetness and the PVC coated wires nullify any chances of electrical sparks and shocks to the farmers.
  • In extreme conditions and temperature it can bear 130°Celsius of heat which can be caused by overloading or sudden change in voltage and the maximum temperature that the PVC can withstand is 120° Celsius.

Packing and Availability

The 3 core flat cable is mainly available in meters and rolls on drums for 500 meters. Inner 3 cables are of red, yellow and blue colour whereas the outer cable is of standard black colour.  These cables are easily available in local market as well as online. Big manufacturers such as Finolex are selling these cables online so that the buyer can get the product without going to the market.

Future Prospects

With increase in construction sites throughout our country the need of these kinds of cables is bound to increase therefore making it a promising investment. Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy and we export so many agricultural products.

As the 3 core cables are the mostly required in agricultural or irrigational process, the demand of these cables is increasing immensely. Many local manufacturers are also starting to manufacture such cables to bring down the cost and to supply them in their local areas and villages where availability of known companies’ cables is meagre.