Manufacturers Of Cooling Towers India Talk about Emissions

Industrial cooling towers made by Indian manufacturers are intended to re-circulate water to cool hot process fluids. Cooling towers India are used in distinct industries such as refineries and factories. Cooling tower system helps in absorbing heat. These systems are designed with a variety of settings such as- process cooling, air conditioning cycles, and power generation cycles. All the models of these systems are used to dissipate heat from an industrial process or chemical reaction are known to as industrial process cooling towers.

Cooling towers used for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning are known as comfort cooling towers or CCT. Manufacturers categorize cooling towers in two parts-

  • Dry cooling tower

Dry cooling towers are the latest designer systems. These are intended with aluminium or copper finned tube that enhances the heat transfer area. People can use them and avail best performance at water scarce areas.

Dry cooling tower functions with air-cooling technology, which means that there is no requirement of extra water evaporation or makeup thing to operate this mechanism. There is no such requirement of mid-heat exchanger. These mechanisms are in no need of maintenance and can be run for years.

  • Wet cooling towers

Wet cooling towers models provide excellent performance as they use ambient air humidity. This mechanism uses water to cool down the temperature of the machine during operation. These towers use the evaporation process to cool the machine.

it absorbs excess heat from the system. This warm water later contacts air and this direct contact leads to evaporation. The water that is left gets cool down again and can be pumped back through the system in order to absorb the heat again.

Cooling tower emissions

There are two types of emissions happen from cooling towers- evaporative and drift. Evaporative emissions are developed of pure water and volatile contaminants. Drift emissions are water droplets that contain suspended and dissolved solids. Water treatment additives have anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, anti-scaling, and biocide additives that create emissions of toxic compounds, particulate matter and VOCs.

When there is any leakage in industrial process, or direct contact cooling contaminates the cooling tower water, it emits volatilized gas or suspended and dissolved in water drift droplets.

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