How To Diagnose A Faulty Boiler Diverter Valve

Do you know how your diverter valve works? What happen when it is not installed properly? In this article, you will get to know about the same.

A diverter valve opens and closes to provide heat to the radiators or to increase the temperature of water. These valves are also installed at your bathroom to heat your water. But if there is any fault in the valve, you may not get hot water. It usually happen when the valve is jammed or not working properly.

When you turn on the heating to get hot water through tap, but you did not get shows that the valve is jammed open in the heating mode. And if you get all hot water, but no heating, ensure all your time clocks and controls are working fine. If you find no issue with them, then this means your valve is not opening for the heating.


How to fix the fault?

When you find the fault, you should always take precaution and call expert to replace the diverter valve or repair the valve parts if possible. If you have a boiler under eight years old, this should be fixed in less than an hour since the parts are readily available.

If a combi boiler is eight years old or more, you may find it difficult to source parts.

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How to decide the budget?

A combi boiler diverter valve usually cost between 100 pounds to 150 pounds, excluding the charges of labor and time. If we include the both, it will cost you around 250 pounds to get your faulty diverter valve repaired. The valve should come with parts. However, this could depend on the age of your boiler because manufacturers stop making some parts over time.

If you are on warranty plan, this would save the money. But if your boiler is older and you need replacement of parts often, it is advisable to replace the entire boiler.

When you replace the boiler, you will find that your monthly bills will be low and there will be lesser requirement for repairing the valves or other parts of boiler.

For more details on diverter valves, you may contact manufacturers and supplier in your town. If you want to source some valves, research online and in the market. Make sure you source the premium quality valves for your application.

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