Purposes Served By Compression Rings Piston Pins

Compression rings are among piston pins used as metal sealers that fit between cylinder walls and pistons in internal combustion engines. Each of the rings fits inside the groove around the piston’s outer diameter. Thus the ring instead of piston makes direct contact with the cylinder bore walls. The major purpose behind crafting compression rings is to prevent air, fuel, and combustion gases from escaping into the crankcase.

Piston rings

The compression ring is also used for facilitating heat transfer between the cylinder walls and pistons. The oil control rings associated closely helps to coat the cylinder walls with a thin oil layer.

Pitons in several engines have three piston rings, but these numbers can vary from application to application. The compression rings are the upper rings whereas the oil control rings are the lower ones. Each ring is intended with a small break in its continuity that lets it to be stretched over the piston and placed inside the piston groove. The break also permits the ring to compress when cylinder is equipped with the piston. These rings help to separate each piston from cylinder wall into which it fits.

Compression rings stop combustion gases to escape into the crankcase. Also oil from the crankcase could easily enter the combustion chambers. Such effects can be also seen when a compression ring fails or breaks. When this happens, combustion gases may enter into the crankcase. Oil is passed into the PVC system, air intake. Due to such loss of combustion gases inside the crankcase brings uneven compression.

Burning of oil is another symptom of compression ring failure. When oil enters into the combustion chamber, it may burn and result in thick, blue exhaust. This may affect the engine performance because the spark plugs may become oil-fouled.

Compression rings feature an ability to pass heat effectively from the pistons to the cylinder walls. Excess heat can be generated inside the combustion engines. Several engines are managing the heat by circulating water around the exterior of the thin cylinder walls. As compression rings connect both cylinder walls and piston, they offer a path for the heat to expel. This is how compression rings help prevent the pistons from heat damage.

You can find compression rings and piston rings at the supplier’s store. You can get in touch with your local dealer whom you can trust.

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