Taking Humidity Test at Home With Ice Cubes!

Just in case you feel that you have humidity issue in your home, you can follow this DIY humidity testing guide shared by humidity testing chamber manufacturers. Low humidity levels can result in minor health issues and discomfort. Excess of humidity can bring chronic issues. It is important to track the humidity levels and test humidity, so that you can quickly adjust the levels if needed.

Humidity Testing chamber

Things you will require for humidity testing at home – hygrometer, drinking glass, ice cubes.

What are the signs of humidity?

There are several visual indicators of excessive moisture in the home that can explain the humidity present at the home without requirement of testing it. The condensation on the windows from inside is a direct result of water vapor buildup inside. Wet stains can also found on ceilings and walls when moisture content is high in the air.

Humidity Testing Performed at Lab in Different Way

The growth of mold and mildew is a direct result of a warm, damp atmosphere. Such signs tell that humidity level is high at your home and you need to dehumidify the home.

How to know if humidity level is low?

If you or your family member is suffering with sore throat issues, dry skin, and getting a static shock every time while touching metal or synthetic; this means the moisture content is low in your home.

How to test for humidity?

You can test for humidity level at home with the help of hygrometer. You can test whether humidity is present or not by using hygrometer. You must follow the guidelines for your model shared by the professional. Talk to expert to know how to calibrate the machine and then set it up in a place away from sunlight or drafts for it for measurement.

Another test can be done with ice cube method. Set out a regular drinking glass on a counter and put 4 ice cubes in it. You can place that glass in any room where you feel humidity is present. Make sure not to place it inside kitchen or bathroom since these places can fluctuate greatly in humidity when accessed.

Let the glass stand for three to four minutes. You must stay out of the room. After 3-4 minutes, enter to the room and check for ice cubes in the glass. If the glass has more water droplets outside its surface, the level of humidity is high. No drops mean you can set humidifier inside the room.

Experts use humidity testing chamber for industrial purposes. If you need such equipments for your site, you can contact supplier.