How To Decide Which Valve Will Suit Your Project?

A guide shared by diverter valves manufacturers to help you to get the best scald-free or pressure balance valve for comfortable and safe showers.

We know you don’t want this thing ever happen to you, but imagine you are taking a warm shower and suddenly a blast of icy cold water races makes you shiver. All the blame goes to your diverter valve. Startling thermal shocks from hot or cold water can make you ill and if you have older parents and kids at home, risk increases.

Since kids have thinner and softer skin than adults, they are vulnerable to burns from hot water. To avoid such accidents, you must install a thermostatic shower valve in the shower wall area that has shower controls. You must consider this valve even for bathtubs.

A thermostatic shower valve may have capacity to control shower or the tub spout, but if it is a diverter valve, it can control both the tub and shower. These valves maintain water temperature and protect your family from injuries regardless of fluctuations in water supply lines.

Range of Diverter Valves You Should Explore

A pressure-balance shower valve is intended to compensate for alterations in water pressure. Though it appears like any other shower valve from the outside, but it has a special diaphragm or piston mechanism within that moves when any change happens to water pressure to immediately balance the hot and cold water pressure inputs. You can easily keep the water temperature consistent using these valves.

Thermostatic shower valves are better choices for the areas where flow and volume control are critical. If you want maximum flow and volume control, you must opt for thermostatic shower valve instead of pressure-balance valve. Of course, both the valves come at different prices. A pressure-balance valve cost you lesser than thermostatic valve.

Is there any way to replace your existing valve with a scald-free design?

Yes, there is a way, but how hard the job depends on the existing valve. A plumber can easily replace a single-handle, traditional valve with a pressure-balanced valve. However, replacing a dual-handle setup is tricky and may require some cutting or removing tile.

For installation guide, you can take help of professionals in your town. To avail diverter valves, connect with the local supplier and explore the range. You may get the best designs at affordable rates from your local vendor.

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