Select your brass terminals from the best and premium Brass Terminal Manufacturers

Brass Terminals

In case of every engineered product, brass terminals are a primary requisite. Be it any small part, which needs to be linked to the other bigger machine or electrical device, it’s always the brass terminals used for fitting purposes. The bigger projects of infrastructure in the cities and developing townships like flyovers, ceilings, or flyover railings also use brass terminals, it an engineer’s favorite! The detailed description of brass terminals used nowadays are as below:

Product Description – Brass Terminals:

There can be various demands for brass terminals, depending on the purpose of the engineer. It’s advisable to buy these from the renowned and premium brass terminal manufacturers in the country, so that you are guaranteed the best quality product. Whether it’s shunt or neutral assembling with the help of brass terminals welded to copper or Manganin shunts or brass terminals that are required along with neutral blocks, brass screws and brass connectors used for fitting purposes or any kind of engineering and welding purposes. A perfect example where these brass items are used would be electric meters. These are manufactured with high quality brass metal, to ensure reliability and durability. The precision activities include giving a perfect finish, cutting and smoothing the ends, which a premium manufacture will always guarantee you on. If you need a proof of the quality of the brass material, a Material Test Certificate can be provided by the manufacturer or retailer on request.

Types of Assemblies where Brass Terminals are preferred:

The different types of assemblies wherein brass terminals are used can be summarized as below:

  • EB welded shunts that are welded to Brass Terminals
  • Copper welded brass terminals, generally used for neutral links
  • Manganin shunt that are welded to brass terminals
  • Braided copper cables that are welded to brass terminals
  • Neutral brass links
  • Riveting of brass terminals that are welded to EB welded shunts

Industry or Sectors

Generally brass terminals are used in electric meters, specifically by the Electrical switch gear manufacturers and Electrical Energy meter manufacturers. Apart from the electrical, these brass terminals are also used in infrastructural projects.

Chemical Content of Brass

The brass terminals should be made of the best quality of brass, you need to check for the brass material before you finalize your product to ensure you deliver the best project. The brass materials that should be considered for the manufacturing of brass terminals, in keeping with the quality standards, are mentioned as below:

  • Free cutting brass type I as per IS 31g / BSS 24g (Cu 56 – 59 %)
  • Free cutting brass type II as per IS 31g / BSS 24g (Cu 60 – 63 %)
  • Special grade brass materials can also be provided as per specific customer requirements based on the project and purpose

You should also look for Ni plating, Tin plating and Shunt or neutral assembly with projection welding and wire soldering properties in the brass materials that you choose to finalize for your upcoming project.

Physical Properties

Now, coming to the physical properties or qualities that your brass material should possess, while you choose to deliver the best in your project can be summarized as below:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Precision across the ends
  • Smooth finish

Always go for the brass terminals produced as per quality standards and sold by the premium manufacturers only.