How Oil Conditioning Can Enhance The Transformer Performance?

Transformers play a crucial part in power redistribution and handling in a power grid system. They are not all alone capable of managing power all be itself as it is well known that energy releases heat when transform in to one type to another. Transformers also needs to manage the heat released by the energy during this process hence it faces a huge amount of heat while transforming. As we know the transformer is designed a way that it has no moving part in its structure but the wires made of copper most of all. The other particle that keeps it cool while the process and prevents it from being over heat is oil. Oil keeps the heat on a minimum level so that it won’t be harmful to the transformer’s delicate wire system.

As the oil works around the transformers it has to deal with the sludge, dissolved moisture and gases released from the transformer and then it needs a purification to work well further so it needs purification time to time to make a transformer more efficient. The purification process is necessary to improve insulation properties of the oil, hence better insulation makes transformers more reliable and less breakdowns which lead to long life of the transformers and so is a good return of investment and a better power supply with no interruptions.

Revenue is an important part of any investment and a Power transformers India is undoubtedly one of the main investments in a power grid system to supply the power generated. The well known fact of a better transformer is quantity and quality of oil any transformer has. Consistent oil purification oil in transformer assures a consistence power supply and a better result with less waste of energy in heat and maximum benefits in an unbreakable power supply thru the transformers. Oil conditioning also improves the acidity in oil with the extraction of sludge moisture and dissolved gasses.

A good purification delivers the filtered oil with the perfect balance as specified. However the quantity of pure oil sometimes depends on the quality of oil retrieved from the transformer. Sometimes if the quality doesn’t matches the parameter of standard of oil then the purification can also be a waste of time money and energy. Alternate oil supply method should be adopted in that case.

Stages of transformer oil filtration are vacuum type dehydration and centrifuge oil filtration to purify sludge, removing moisture and gases.

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