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Tray Dryers — Construction and Working

Tray dryers are used to dry products in medicine manufacturing. It is the most reliable means of drying in wet-granulation method of drug production. With the wet-granulation method used often in the booming pharmaceutical industry, tray dryer exporters are also under heavy demand. Other industries where tray dryers are used include chemicals, textiles and paints. Before you consider buying one, you must understand the functioning of tray dryers.

Wet-Granulation and Tray Dryers

Wet-granulation method is popular in medicine manufacturing because it is more likely to satisfy the various criteria of tablet compression. However, it does involve multiple steps that take a lot of time and effort. However, despite the time taken, it is still preferred because of its reliability in creating the right product.

Different types of dryers are used in this method to remove the moisture from solids, powders, and sheet. The are two types of dryers: direct dryers and indirect dryers. Direct dryers use convection method of heating the trays where direct contact with hot air is used to dry the product. In indirect dryers use conduction process and indirect contact with a hot object to create dryness.

Tray dryers: Construction

Tray dryers are the most conventional method of drying. The simplest construction of a tray dryer is in the form of a cabinet with a heater at the base. The dryer is usually made of iron or steel with high insulation. The insulation is achieved by double walled panels with compressed fiber glass wool. The insulation is critical to reduce nay heat leakage. There are single or two doors. It also relies on a heavy duty locking mechanism. Gaskets form seals that reduce heat leakage.

The heater at the base is typically an industrial oven. The cabinet like construction contains different layers of trays. The trays, made of stainless steel, are mounted on wheeled trolleys. Small dryers can contain around 6, while large dryers may even have as many as 192 trays. The right construction is chosen as per requirements. A control panel board on the outside helps us to monitor and control the working of the dryer. The panel includes temperature controller, process timer, indicator and more.

The Working

The main industries for tray dryer exporters are pharmaceuticals. But it is also widely used wherever we need drying of wet material during processing or at raw material stage, such as the chemicals, F&B, dyes, and paint industry. The material to be dried is placed on the trays. The heat in the dryer is produced by the heater at the base. Other than the hot air generated by the oven, the other method is to have radiator coils that use steam for heat circulation. One can choose the heating method as per preferences and material to be dried.

During the heating process the material to be dried is spread out on the trays. The heated air is directed to flow in a circulation form. It flows over the material in the trays in a controlled flow. Trays can have a solid, perforated or wire mesh base. A paper lining could be used to reduce chances of contamination through contact with the tray.

The efficiency of the dryer depends on circulation and recirculation of the hot air. Apart from a regular supply and presence of heated air, it also depends on supply of fresh air. The fresh is combined with the heated air in fixed proportion for an efficient system. Such regulated drying is also important to ensure to ensure uniform drying in the dryer where the bottommost tray drys at the same pace as the trays placed on top. Apart from the double-walled construction, insulation is also achieved by heating coils and fans.

How to Select the Right Tray Dryer Exporter?

A simple Internet search will five you multiple options in tray dryer manufacturers and exporters. Locality of the company can be a factor if it does not offer to deliver to your address. Some sites may also give you feedback from genuine users. You can also check out the website of the company for details.

Check the production capacity of the firm, particularly if they build dryers of the dimensions you are looking for. Other factors include pricing, tray size, total capacity, material and the heating method employed. Find out the industry standard and evaluate all factors as per this standard before picking the right tray dryer exporter.