How Silo Manufacturers Making Bulk Materials Store Easily

A silo is a structure which is used for storing the bulk materials. Basically, it is a pit which is used in agriculture to store grains, coal, cement, wood chips, carbon black, food products and sawdust etc. inside it. There are mainly three types of silos that are manufactured by Silo Manufacturer in India that are commonly used and widely spread today. These types are given below:

  • Tower silos:

These silos are taller silos and have a large diameter. They are cylindrical in shape. They can be made from many materials such as wood staves, concrete staves, cast concrete, and steel panels. They have different cost and durability. Tower silos are usually unloaded from the top of the pile by hand using a silage fork.

  • Bunker silos:

Bunker silos have concrete walls. These are filled and packed with loader and tractors. To make it airtight, it is covered with a plastic trap. They are unloaded also with the help of a loader and tractor. They are well suited for very large operations. They are inexpensive.

  • Bag silos:

These types of silos are heavy plastic tubes. These silos are of variable length as per the requirement of the amount of a material to be stored. They are packed using a machine and is sealed with both the ends. They are unloaded with the help of loader and tractor.

These are common types of silos which are widely spread. But there are other silos also. One of them is steel silo. Steel silo has lowest construction cost from all types of silos. There are two types of steel silo which are:

  • Spiral steel silo:

Spiral steel silo is manufactured by hot dip galvanized sheet. It is applied to store the liquid materials such as water and oil. It has excellent performance on airtightness. This hot dip galvanized sheet is very thick because its internal walls are lubricated.

  • Assembly silo:

It is manufactured by both hot dip galvanized sheet. It is more convenient. If any component is damaged or rusted, then it can be replaced because the components of assembly silo are standard. It is developable and transferable.

Other types of Silos Manufacturing in India are:

  • Cement storage silos:

Cement storage silos are also further divided into two types i.e. the low level mobile silo and the static upright cement silo. These types are used to hold and discharge cement and other materials which are in the form of powder such as pulverized fuel ash etc. they are simple to transport and are easy to set up.

  • Concrete stave silos:

These silos are made up of small blocks of precast concrete. These are built for common components which are designed for long life and high strength. They are flexible so they can increase their height.

  • Low oxygen tower silos:

These are designed to keep the material in the low oxygen atmosphere.

  • Sand and salt silos

  • Fabric silos etc.

So these are some types of silos along with their uses and designs. This is how every Silo Manufacturer in India is manufacturing such a key product for the industry.