Humidity Oven

Humidity Oven Suppliers Helping Different Industries with Their Products

Humidity ovens are used in several industries like textiles, liquor, paper, automotive, wood working, etc. Humidity oven suppliers are approached by industries that use their products for testing various electronic, electrical components, varnishes, cement, corrosion studies on mechanical parts, etc. These ovens are used for controlling precise temperature and humidity levels to deliver precision quality results.

What is the use of these ovens?

Humidity control ovens are intended for special function. Humidity is the moisture level present in the environment. High level of humidity results in breeding of mold, dust mites, mildew, and other unwanted biological growth.

Humidity control is very important for good health especially if there is a case of respiratory problem. Humid environment makes human uncomfortable and results in excessive sweating. This problem can be fixed by installing dehumidifier that removes the excess humidity and gives you better environment to breathe.

It is critical to maintain right level of humidity for industrial applications. To keep electrostatic discharge from building up, there is a need to control humidity. This is done with the help of humidity control ovens. These are box shaped machines designed for controlling humid environment for testing.

Humidity chambers or control ovens are manufactured in distinct types and sizes depending on their applications in scientific, forensics, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries. Manufacturers intend these ovens with hermetically sealed compressed unit, condenser, and evaporation coil. The design lets the oven to maintain the temperature and humidity according to a pre specified range.

These products are widely accepted in labs, research centers and various hospitals. Temperature and Humidity test chamber machines are equipped with much functionality like high temperature safety cut off and overloading cut off relay for compressor. Some more important features are as under-

  • Precise monitoring of temperature and moisture
  • Heating by durable tubular heaters
  • A dual wall with PUF insulation
  • Battery back up
  • Microprocessor controller along with LCD display and sensors of capacitance types
  • Display screen to show humidity and temperature levels
  • Hermetically sealed compressor with refrigerant that contains no CFC
  • PUF insulation filled with machine to prevent void pockets

Apart from these features, some humidity oven manufacturers are also offering ovens having the option of setting high or low alarm points, memory for storing maximum 1000 records, connection with printer, etc. If you need more options, you can talk to your humidity oven supplier today.

Humidity is one of the misread terms when it comes to environmental testing chamber. This is because the relative humidity percentage is temperature specific. Humidity testing chamber suppliers are discussing technical specifications for environmental chamber in this post.