Cylinder Liner and Piston Ring

The Reasons behind Wearing Of Piston Ring and Cylinder Liner

Wear of pistons, cylinders and rings helps manufacturers of cylinder liner India to assess the condition of the engine. Smoking at the exhaust, lowered compression, increased oil consumption, and heavy carbon formation are critical symptoms of wear. Most wear in a cylinder happens at the top where the motion direction of the piston is changed, and wear to the extent of a few but you can easily feel it with a finger and notice the change in the bore diameter. The damage also affects the piston rings.

There are many causes of rapid wear of the cylinders. One of the causes is inefficient lubrication. It is tough to ensure that a film of lubricant always separate the two walls. This is why manufacturers always suggest using good quality oil and checking that the oil efficiency is not reduced in service.

Rapid oil dilution is another reason behind the wear. Thus, in some cases, oil examination in the sump after 500 miles running will explain how it has become diluted with petrol. The viscosity of oil is reduced and it becomes incapable of sustaining a film between the cylinders and the pistons. If the dilution is excessive or more than 15%, the lubricating properties of the oil will get reduced to a dangerous extent.

You can do many things to prevent the fuel mixing with the oil. To start with, it has found that dilution occurs mostly when the engine is cold. If the vehicle is being used for delivering products, it has to stop at different addresses. Power unit is always working in a relatively cold condition; you may take steps to increase the average running temperature.

Dust is the next cause behind the rapid cylinder wear. Dust enters the carburetor with the air. This is drawn right via induction system and entered into the cylinders and mixed with oil to form abrasive compound. This is the reason why automobile manufacturers intend the vehicles operated over dusty roads with air cleaners that help in separating the dust from the atmosphere.

You can collect air cleaners from reputed auto parts suppliers and manufacturers. For more tips on cylinder liners maintenance, you can get in touch with the manufacturers of cylinder liners India any time. You can even make comments below and ask people how they maintain their car engine.