Potassium Iodide

Potassium Iodide Uses In Pharmaceutical Industries

Natural resources come in various forms and textures, amongst which chemical salts are the most common. They are extracted by mining the earth, processing ocean floor depositions, and even byamalgamating abundantly available chemical compounds together. Of all the chemical salts obtained, potassium iodide is perhaps the most commonly used formulation. It has found its uses in the public, industrial, and pharmaceutical sector owing to its versatile chemical nature. In scientific terminology, potassium iodide is defined as a white crystalline naturally occurring substance that is the potassium salt form of iodide. Even though it is a strong chemical compound, potassium iodide has been found to be very useful in treating rare medical conditions. Some of the medical emergencies that demand administration of piperazine hexahydrate can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Dermatological Infections
    Since iodide has bactericidal, antiseptic, and disinfectant features, it is used by dermatologists to treat infectious etiology and sporotrichosis. One can easily procure a saturated solution of sodium citrate dihydrate, thereby availing safe and cost-effective treatment for contagious skin diseases unanimously.
  2. Throat Inflammation: Thyroid and Goiter
    Throat area inflammations like thyroid and goiter are usually caused by dysfunctional stimulation of glands associated with iodide assimilation in the body. Hence, the foremost medical drug used for such treatments is potassium iodide. It is consumed in its solution or syrup form along with other supplementary medicines to regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland located in the throat.

The importance of potassium iodide in India is not only measurable by the variety of diseases that it can treat. In fact, it is an equally important component in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, where it acts as a catalyst for the production of medical drugs. Here is a list of the functions performed by potassium iodide in Indian pharmaceutical industries:

  1. Main Component of Expectorants
    Potassium iodide is a key ingredient of expectorants, which is a drug used to unclog the air passageway of the lungs from excess mucus depositions. While being used as a treatment drug for respiratory tract diseases (asthma or emphysema) it is administered as a 2% syrup or a solution.
  2. Production of Radio Iodinated Compounds
    Radiopharmaceuticals are the sole instruments through which complicated medical conditions like tissue tumors, neural dysfunctions, and others can be identified. However, the radioactive rays released during such tests can create an aberration in the thyroid gland by converting bodily iodide concentrations to their harmful radioactive forms. Pharmaceuticals industries produce safe radio-iodinated potassium iodide in India which is administered upon patients before performing surgeries and scans under nuclear medicine scintigraphy.
  3. Innovate Protective Medications for Nuclear Emergencies
    A number of medical researchers have highlighted that potassium iodide is a very useful counter medication to prevent the widespread impact of radioactive exposure on human lives. By consuming stable iodide compounds minimum 48 hours from a nuclear accident, human lives can be equipped to defend against the physical reactions brought upon by radioactive encounters. Thus, pharmaceutical industries are also required to produce radioactivity safe iodide medications.

It is only after numerous successful experimentations and researches that doctors have been able to identify the direct effect of iodides on the human body – both as a natural preventive drug and a metabolism regulatory supplement. Resultantly, consumption of iodized table salt is often suggested by medical practitioners for children and patients suffering from thyroid-related ailments. Due to this Veterinary Drugs manufacturers has become a commonplace ingredient amongst food processing industries and pharmacies. It is also a major requirement of industries involved in the manufacturing of solar cells, silver iodide solutions for photographic purposes, and raw materials for nuclear power plants.