How to Reduce Noise Level in a Transformer?

Industrial transformers are huge and create noise and you cannot eliminate it at all. Yet there are some designing solutions and assemblies that can minimize the sound level. Manufacturers of ultra isolation transformers will suggest some tips on how to mitigate humming sound of the transformer and what causes humming.

Humming and buzzing noises are one of the regular complaints with electrical transformer used at industrial and residential places. Even though there is no moving part, some vibration-like sounds are produced by the unit just like by generators and motors.

The causes of humming noise in a transformer

The magnetostriction effect is the main cause of the noise in a transformer. When the AC flows through an electrical transformer coils, it has a magnetic effect on its iron core. This effect makes core to expand and contract that results in a hum sound.

There is nothing that removes magnetostriction completely, but with right transformer design, assembly and installation can help in controlling the noise to some extent. Or if you want zero noise from a transformer, ask the manufacturer to provide you ultra isolation model that meet your requirements.

Let’s learn about the precautions that should be taken during installation and mounting to cut down the noise level to some extent-

  • Select a low-traffic installation site

If your transformer unit is installed in an area with a lot of traffic, people will get irritated with its noise. Kindly check that there is at least one low-traffic space between the transformer and extreme traffic areas at residential and office buildings.

  • Avoid installing transformers at corners, stairwells, corridors

When you install any transformer unit at corner or corridor, such locations double the noise level. Avoid installing transformer to narrow corridor, stairway, or hall area. These areas will rise the sound level and work as noise reflector.

  • Check enclosures and tighten the loose bolts

Make sure that each screw and bolt on the transformer’s cover and top has been tightened. If there is any loose part, it will create noise by vibrating when the transformer is operating. Lifting eyebolts can also be responsible for increasing noise and thus, you have to check and remove any that were used while installation.

  • Use oil barriers or cushion padding

Oil barriers and cushion padding help insulate noise of transformer and prevent the spreading. Basically oil barriers and cushion padding work as protectors against irritation caused by vibration in transformer among people in nearby locations.

  • Use solid surface for unit mounting

Thin curtain walls or plywood will only double the transformer noise. It is necessary to mount these units on dense, heavy, and solid surfaces such as reinforced concrete floors or walls. If you want best results, check that mounting surface should weigh 10 times as much as the unit’s weight.

To get assistance for installing ultra isolation transformers, connect with your local transformer manufacturer or service provider. Always look for the latest technology, design, materials, and installing methods for electrical transformers as it will benefit you in the long run.