FRP – The Best Suited Product for Roofing Purposes

The concept of architecture is evolving with time and tradition. The use of cement is still there, but the engineers have combined fiberglass products to add more strength to the structures. FRP cable trays are one of the products used as a great alternative for wooden sheets and metals. Constructors are using FRP trays to construct building structures, tanks, cladding, platform structures, roofing items, etc. The reason behind using FRP composites is that it adds durability and strength in the design. Fiberglass reinforced is an excellent framework for electrical house wiring.

Major features of FRP

FRP composites share unique characteristics. FRP cable trays are resistant to acid, chemicals, water; so, you can take this product as corrosion proof thing. They are also non-conductive. These all features give engineers reason to apply more FRP beams and channels to their construction. These materials own properties like high strength, lightweight, long-lasting, and need the minimum level of maintenance.

Their composite structure has potential to withstand natural forces and pressure. Many cable tray manufacturers provide customized FRP structures for electrical house wiring systems. FRP trays designed for wires and cables are used by architects, engineers, and constructors in several construction projects due to its significance in the structural sections.

Since these products have lower maintenance costs, they offer superb great support to the building. Their non-magnetic features make them best product to handle cables and wires. 

Architects at power stations make cable trays and switchgears using FRP beams and channels. FRP cable trays have simply modified the concept of roofing the buildings. The structures are resistant to chemicals, heat, and moisture and can be installed without using cement and asbestos roofing.

Benefits of using FRP cable trays systems –

  • FRP cable trays are available in distinct premium qualities.
  • The systems are sturdy, strong, and durable
  • The systems resist fire, chemicals, acids, and UV rays
  • The systems are elegant, attractive, and lighter than steel cable trays
  • FRP cable trays are available across the world

Types of cable trays offered by manufacturing unit –

  • Ladder type
  • Perforated type

Do you need some FRP cable trays for your project? You can make orders or inquiries to the exporters and manufacturers of FRP products near your town. If you want to make bulk purchases, you can talk to the wholesaler.

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